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Arizona Libertarian Party Phoenix - Immigration

A libertarian believes that if a person is peaceful, they should be allowed to immigrate to the United States.

A libertarian believes that people should have the right to travel freely as long as they’re peaceful. We welcome any immigrants that seek to have a better life. The majority of immigrants are highly productive and peaceful.

The United States is a country founded by immigrants. People in this country come from all walks of life and backgrounds. Some families have been here for many generations. However, newcomers are able to bring vitality to our society.

A free market requires the movement of people, not just ideas, and products.

Whether, a person comes from Mexico or India, have an advanced degree or lack an education, immigrants have a few things in common. These immigrants left their familiar home surroundings in order to search for a better life.

Many immigrants are fleeing extreme violence and poverty. These people are searching for a safe and free place to rebuild their lives. They have a great amount of courage and we admire and respect them. We would be proud that people around the world see the United States as a place of stability, freedom, and prosperity.

Of course, a person who acts violently has a record of violence or has a credit plan for violence, should be locked from entering the country. Libertarians support the deportation, prosecution and imprisonment of immigrants for various offenses.

A libertarian would not support the criminal classification of undocumented aliens. Our current system is an embarrassment. People who want to follow the legal process to come into this county are blocked because the procedures are so lengthy, expensive and complex.

If Americans want immigrants to legally enter the country, they need to make sure the legal channels are accessible, reasonable, and fair.

For more information on the Libertarian’s pro-liberty immigration approach, we can invite you to watch the following Learn Liberty video: The Impact of Immigration on Income and Jobs.


Arizona Libertarian Party Phoenix - Economy

Libertarians believe people have the right to offer good and services on the market freely. The free-market approach is the most effective way to improve people’s lives.

A crony capitalist system is the best way to describe our current economy. That’s why we are experiencing the majority of the issues that some people blame on free capitalism.

When the free market is allowed to work, it can provide great opportunities for people of all abilities, interests, and backgrounds.

However, crony capitalism only provides those opportunities to the powerful, wealthy special interest groups who can influence policy makers.

When it comes to economics, Libertarians default towards freedom. When people can run their businesses as they see fit, without worrying about government meddling and interference, they would have more of an opportunity to innovate. These innovations can create value for the business’ customers and more work for employees.

Libertarians believe the government’s role in the economic realm is to protect the rights of a property owner, provide the legal framework in protected voluntary trade, and adjudicate disputes. Unfortunately, the majority of regulations on the books don’t do that.

These regulations are a heavy burden on some businesses. These people are trying to make a living and this may prevent a new business from starting, force a business to close or keep an existing business from hiring a new employee.

These regulations violate the right of people to engage in honest trade. Additionally, these restrictions can actively hurt people by stifling innovation, well-being, and human energy.

Libertarians believe these taxes have the same effect on over-reaching regulations. They are a confiscation of other people’s property. Libertarians advocate eliminating and reducing taxes when possible to free businesses and people to do the things they do best. This allows everyone to have a chance at success.

Libertarians advocate the removal of unproductive regulations, eliminating and reducing taxes and getting the government out of the way of job creation and business innovation.

For more information on the Libertarian pro-liberty economic approach, we invite you to watch this Learn Liberty video.

Foreign Threats

Arizona Libertarian Party Phoenix - Foreign Threats

As well documented, the terrorist attack on the US on September 11, 2011 was a complete tragedy that lead to over 3,000 deaths. With it came the much needed reexamination of the US’ foreign policies. It’s essential to prevent any further attacks of that nature from ever happening. No amount of reforms can guarantee anything, however. Even so, a policy that helps keep us from meddling in other country’s business could greatly reduce our likelihood of making more foreign enemies.

One of the most long standing means of remaining peaceful with the outside world has been non-intervention and maintaining free international trade. Sadly, it seems a lot of the politicians in the Democratic and Republican parties have other ideas. At present, there are US troops in deployment throughout over 140 foreign territories and nations. In the majority of these cases, the deployment has no bearing on national security at all. In Haiti, American troops are digging wells. Those deployed in Morocco are overseeing cease-fire operations. Similarly, US troops are working in Belize to renovate schools.

Of course, there have also been plenty of US troops dropped into war zones over the last few decades. 1993 saw 15,000 troops dispatched in Bosnia to tackle a supposedly temporary mission attempting to end ethnic warfare. The following year, 20,000 were sent to Haiti in order to “ensure democracy.” Another examples lies in the 1999 Kosovo bombing campaign, started with the aim of “ending genocide.”

The Libertarian party recognizes that our foreign policy needs a drastic overhaul. America can participate in the world economy without getting its hands dirty with other country’s squabbles. Building that kind of foreign policy would allow stronger defense while also greatly reducing our military expenses. If American troops are withdrawn from the myriad of nations they’re currently deployed in, free trade can finally resume.


Arizona Libertarian Party Phoenix - Guns

January 2000 had a notable occurrence where a young woman in Sequim, WA heard a strange muffled sound. She and her young children were enjoying a late Sunday evening at home. After thinking nothing of the noise at first, it happened again. At this point, it seemed like someone might else have been in the house.

She decided to proactive about the situation. She immediately picked up the phone to call 911. She did her best to make the situation clear through a whisper. Afterwards, she retrieved her children from bed and took them to her own bedroom. From there, she grabbed her 9mm gun. Making sure to keep the kids behind her, she aimed the gun towards the door.

The intruder eventually made his way into the room to find the pistol pointing right at him. He immediately turned around to leave before she could pull the trigger. It seemed everyone was completely fine upon the police’s arrival. The privately owned pistol managed to completely prevent whatever harm the intruder had intended.

That scenario is a perfect example of why Libertarians are in support of keeping and bearing arms. If citizens have guns to protect themselves with, more people will have a chance to stay safe in even the most dire of situations. The statistics hold up across the board. For example, a University of Chicago study revealed that the murder rates in concealed carry states fell 8 percent faster than those with fewer right-to-carry rights. If the laws were the same across the entire country, the yearly murder rate could drop as much as 2,000. It’s an issue that clearly needs to be pushed even harder as time rolls on.


Arizona Libertarian Party Phoenix - Crime

Crime rates have been on a decline over the last decade. Regardless, millions and millions of US citizens find themselves victims of various crimes every year. Needless to say, that number is drastically too high.

In order to reduce the overall rate of crime even further, Libertarians intend to:

1 – Protect Your Self Dense Rights

Americans use guns over 2 million times each year in effort to prevent crime. More often than not, this is done without a single shot being fired. Florida has had legal carrying of concealed weapons for almost 30 years now. In that time frame, the state’s murder rate has gone down 20 percent faster than that of the rest of the nation.

2 – Bear Down On Real Crime

Libertarians are in support of quick, unquestionable justice for anyone guilty of crimes that have hurt anyone in any fashion. Sadly, many billions of dollars are spent each year that allow police to arrest people over victimless crimes such as gambling and drug use. As such, US prisons are over populated. Many violent felons end up released early to compensate. The resources of the police are better spent focusing on criminals posing actual harm to others.


Arizona Libertarian Party Phoenix - Education

St. Adalbert School proudly scores zeroes in many fields that parents are concerned about. They have zero gangs, zero pregnancies, zero drugs, and so on. As such, they also require zero guards and zero metal detectors.

How does it pull this off? It certainly isn’t the location. St. Adalbert School is located right in the middle of Cleveland.

It isn’t expensive tuition prices either. St. Adalbert’s annual tuition is a perfectly manageable $975. That’s only around half of the cost per student. The cost per student in public schools is nearer to $7,000. Regardless, St. Adalbert School performs better than the government-run schools across the board, particularly in important areas such as violence.

Is there some kind of secret formula to all of this? It’s actually quite simple; St. Adalbert School is free from government regulations. It has to focus on producing the best experience for its students. Otherwise, the parents will take their children elsewhere.

Just look at how this compares to government mandated schools. As they continue to do worse, politicians keep pumping more money into them. SAT scores fell an average of 50 points from 1970 to 1995. In the same period of time, the federal budget for education doubled, going all the way up to $35 billion. Private schools on the other hand are only rewarded by succeeding.

In the Libertarian view, the government-run schools aren’t delivering an experience that’s worth all the money being spent. There’s also the belief that anyone paying for the education of a student should have a dollar for dollar tax credit. The federal government should also take their hands out of education. The states, the community, and most importantly the parents are the ones that should be making the decisions.


Arizona Libertarian Party Phoenix - Poverty

Who wouldn’t want to be a millionaire when they retire?

If you could invest your money in a private retirement account and opt out of Social Security, you might have the opportunity to do it.

However, you don’t have a choice. The government collects 12.4 percent from each employer and employee combines for Social Security taxes. That money is poured into a system that’s heading for collapse.

The Board of Trustees for Social Security admits that the system is failing. According to the Board, Social Security will begin running a deficit, starting in 2016. By 2032, the Social Security Trust Fund (there’s actually no trust fund) will be depleted. The current system will be insolvent.

Obviously, this is not the best system for retirement, but there is a better way. Instead of relying on a bankrupt Social Security system, we need to allow Americans to control their own retirement account. Under this system, the average wage-earner could have a retirement fund of more than $1 million, which would allow them to retire in security and comfort.

This may sound too good to be true. However, the Cato Institute has crunched these numbers. In the last 70 years, Wall Street investments have produced an average return of 7 percent per year (after inflation). Social Security, by contrast, only pays an annual 1.2 percent return. Thanks to compound interest, the difference between these two number can add up to a staggering amount.

For example, a single wage-earner with a $36,000 annual income can accumulate $1.2 million at retirement, by investing in a stock-invested pension fund, according to the Cato Institute. This would allow the retiree to have an annual income of $124,000 during their retirement. Under the current Social Security system, this wage-earner would only get one-fifth of this amount, or $24,000 annually.

Libertarians propose that Americans move towards a private retirement system that is not run by the government. This would allow you and your family to depend on yourself instead of a politician’s promise for a comfortable and secure retirement.

Health Care

Arizona Libertarian Party Phoenix - Health Care

Val Venis, a renown star from World Wrestling Entertainment, took to the United States in the summer of 2000 for a hip surgery procedure. The buff and tough wrestler was born in Canada, where he was entitled to health care without cost. As with thousands of other Canadians, Venis had to cross over the border for his health care since the US offered a faster and higher quality solution.

He knew that he’d have to wait many months – possibly even years – to receive the aid that he needed in Canada. Though considered non-critical, the surgery was necessary in able to relieve his pain while walking. Unfortunately, a lot of hospitals in Canada lack the latest in medical equipment, especially when compared to the relatively state of the art hospitals that popular the US. Venis opted to pay for his surgery rather than settle for the slower and less advanced care in Canada.

These kind of issues are often left off of the table when it comes to how politicians talk about health care. There’s a big push to mimic the Canadian system, but it has notable flaws that are being ignored. If this persists, the upsides of the US’ more efficient care could possibly be lost.

Health insurance with low cost was available to nearly all US citizens during the 1960s, even for those that had preexisting conditions. Many doctors even made house calls. Hospital stays were generally only as expensive as a few days worth of pay, and charitable hospitals offered care for low income families with no health care.

The government then swooped in through the HMO act, Medicaid, Medicare, and a myriad of regulations for hospitals, doctors, and health insurance providers to adhere to. Said regulations take up as much as 100,000 pages of fine print. At least half of today’s health care budget is being used by the government.

Of all the parties, Libertarians have some of the most sensible views on health care. They know that reforms on the free market’s strength are the only ones that will really matter. It may be best to start up medical savings accounts where contributions can be made tax-free. There can even be 100 percent tax deduction available for health care costs. Deregulation of the health care industry, effectively repealing any policies that have caused health insurance costs to rise or the availability of care to diminish is also worth fighting for. Affordable medicine is also being blocked off by the FDA in many respects. A free-market could easily help turn this around. This could save thousands upon thousands of lives every single year.

Physicians in West Virgina protested the rising costs of medical malpractice insurance in January of 2003. As many as 800 physicians abandoned their jobs for an entire week. Any surgeries that weren’t emergencies were put on hold, while emergency matters were dealt with by ambulances from surrounding areas. Some might say the doctors were just being greedy. That’s not quite the case however. Thanks to the malpractice insurances rates going up to around two hundred thousand per year, physicians are being forced to either refocus their efforts or close their practices entirely. The rising rates are caused by unhelpful government regulations across the board. Fewer and fewer doctors will be able to afford coverage as time goes on.

Another notable case comes from St. Augustine, FL, where at least 300 health care workers and doctors stopped working to protest the rising rates. Along with government regulations, jury awards are also often to blame. A study from AMA has revealed that as many as twelve states are in a complete crisis when it comes to the malpractice insurance rates. There’s no denying that things are in dire need of change.


Arizona Libertarian Party Phoenix - Environment

The environment in the United States has a significant arch enemy. This long time rival is responsible for contaminating an estimated 61,155 location in America and is guilty of polluting drinking water with radioactive waste, dumping sewage in national parks and fouling rivers and lakes with chemicals such as PCB’s.

This criminal is not among the usual big industry suspects like General Motors or Exxon. The largest contributor to pollution in America is the Federal Government, according to a recent article in the Boston Globe.

Estimates for a clean-up of damage done to date by government agencies (including the military) could run into $300 billion. This hefty price tag is exceeds the combined cost of environmental clean-up of the private sector by 5 times.

But the most terrifying fact is that the Federal Government and it’s agencies are exempt from legislation governing the environment. Further, government employees and bureaucrats cannot be prosecuted and the military is protected from paying fines in accordance with laws passed by Congress.

This basically provides the Federal Government with a license to pollute the environment, according to the Boston Globe. Environmental activists are also to blame as they create the misconception that private industry is responsible while government is protecting the environment, further resulting in the greater public being unaware of these transgressions.

Libertarians are not so easily fooled. We understand that putting our trust in the Federal Government to provide clear water and clean air for our families and future generations is a waste of time.

Libertarians want government officials to be held responsible on a personal level for their actions in preventing a healthier environment. We want the current legislation and regulations that protect polluters and prevent free environmentalism repealed.

Phoenix Roofing Repair Issues Due To Haboobs Arizona Libertarian Party - Roof Repair Phoenix Issues

In Arizona, the Phoenix Metro Valley in particular, monster dust storms occur which are commonly know as haboobs. The dust storms caused massive damage including roofing damage. The last haboob cost Phoenix Valley home owners millions in roofing repair in Phoenix, AZ. Arizona Libertarian feels that proper preventative action should be taken to keep our Arizona real estate intact during the massive storms. Preventative action like keeping the city trees properly trimmed so that during a storm, there is less branches and other debris to fly around and damage roofs.


Government Waste


Did you know that the US government provided MacDonald’s with the capital to market “Big Macs” in Europe to the tune of $1.6 million and that it was your tax dollars that were used to fund the campaign?Arizona Libertarian Party Phoenix - Government Waste

As part of the Market Access Program instituted by the US Department of Agriculture, taxpayer money can be used to fund big corporate companies in an effort to promote American products abroad. To date, the largest funding under this program has been provided to General Electric ($671 million). The California Raisin Brand received $3 million, Ernest and Julio Gallo Wines $4.9 million, IBM 1.4 million and Campbell’s Soup $300,00.

These actions are better known as corporate welfare and it is the means that both Republicans and Democrats use to keep big business wealthy – at the expense of the taxpayer. There are over 100 corporate welfare programs that cost taxpayers in the region of $87 billion annually. And this isn’t the only means that government uses to enrich big business.

Subsidized loans, federal handouts and research grants are all filtering money from the working class into big business. Libertarians want to put a halt to these programs and restrict government to functioning in Constitutional matters. We propose that these programs need to be privatized or entirely eliminated in an effort to keep your hard earned money where it belongs – in your back pocket.


Arizona Libertarian Party Phoenix - Taxes

Would you want to purchase a new $23,000 Ford Taurus for $12,650?

That’s how much you’d pay if the government didn’t add tax to every product you purchase at each stage of production, according to the Americans for Top Reform (ATR).

Hidden taxes can boost the price on every consumer product you buy, by as much as 26 to 75 percent, according to an ATR study.

That’s because local, country, state and the federal government doesn’t just slap a tax on the product when you buy it. There are also taxes on various production and distribution steps.

The burden of this accumulated tax is staggering. Ford might pay as many as 20 different types of taxes to the government when it builds a Ford Taurus. This includes employee unemployment taxes, local, state, and federal income taxes, and workmen’s compensation. They also have to pay local and state property taxes. To get the car to the dealer showroom, they may have to pay gas, truck, tire, and highway taxes.

The bottom line is that it only costs about $12,650 to manufacture a car, this includes the dealer’s profit. However, you have to pay $23,000. The $10,350 difference, is pocketed by government agencies.

This issue with taxes does not end with cars. You pay an extra 28 percent in taxes for a restaurant meal and 75 percent of the price of a pack of cigarettes (the amount may be more in some localities). You pay 43 percent more for beer, 40 percent on the price of airline tickets, 54 percent of the price of gas, and 31 percent of the cost of bread.

All of these “hidden” taxes, when combined with federal and state income taxes, is one of the major reasons American families are paying almost 42 percent of their annual income in taxes.

That means they pay more in taxes, then they do for shelter, food, clothing, and transportation, combined. Today, it takes the average wage-earner in America would have to work 117 days annually just to pay taxes.

Libertarians have a plan that will slash taxes. This plan includes returning the federal government to its basic Constitutional functions. We want income tax repealed and the IRS abolished.

The money saved by eliminating income taxes could be put towards improving people’s lives by allowing them to start a new business, obtain quality health care, save for their own retirement, and improve their children’s education.

So what would you do, if you could add an extra 43 percent to your income?


Arizona Libertarian Party Phoenix - Poverty

JoAnne Cornwell opened a San Diego, African hair braiding salon, in 1996. Cornwell, was an African-American woman, who had learned her braiding technique from her grandmother. She wanted to use her unique skill, and her love for her African heritage, to start her new business.

The Department of Consumer Affairs for California has other ideas. Bureaucrats brusquely informed her that she needed to obtain a state cosmetology license. That means 1,600 schooling hours and $5,000. She was required to attend training, even though cosmetology school did not touch African hair braiding. The law said she had to get a license.

Cornwell was lucky. A public interest law firm was willing to assist her. After a two-year court battle, she won the right to open the hair-braining shop.

Other people are not so lucky. There is a myriad of licensing requirements, regulations, fees, and taxes the keep thousands of poor people in America from starting a business. If they were able to start a small business, they might be able to lift themselves out of poverty.

In the mid-1960s, President Lyndon Johnson declared a “war on poverty”. Since then, the United States federal government has spent approximately $5.4 trillion** on programs to assist the poor.

Despite the outpouring of cash from the government, the poverty rate has been stuck at 14 percent for the past 40 years. However, even if these programs are well-intentioned, which they might have been, they failed to perform their task. They have not been able to lift Americans out of poverty.

Libertarians believe there are ways to lift people out of poverty. We propose that the government repeal regulations and taxes that cut the bottom rung off the economic ladder. This will tear down the barriers to substantial work and job creations and make it easier for poor people to start businesses and find good jobs.

We also recommend that the government create a dollar-for-dollar credit for people making private charitable contributions. Americans are some of the most generous people in the world. Each year Americans contribute $125 million to charitable causes.

This amount would swell if people were able to get a 100 percent tax deduction. These additional donations can be used by charities like the American Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity to provide services to poor people and families.

Lastly, we propose an end to government federal welfare programs. Some private charities are in a better position to meet the needs of the diverse people within their communities. They can provide the support services, career training, and counseling relevant to their local population.

**Note: Do you know how much $5.4 trillion is? If you drove for seven days each week, 12 hours each day, and averaged 65-miles per hour, it would take 1,832 years to drive past $5.4 trillion in one-dollar bills laid end to end.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Libertarians Conservative or Liberal?

Libertarians are neither one. Unlike conservatives or liberals, Libertarians are in favor of high degrees of both economic and personal liberty.

In economic matters, Libertarians advocate freedom, so we favor eliminating and lowering taxes, cutting bureaucratic regulations on business, and charitable -instead of government – welfare.

Libertarians are socially inclusive as well. We believe every individual should be free to make choices for themselves as long as others’ rights are not infringed upon. We oppose laws that attempt to control the personal choices of people.

Although I agree with many of your ideas, I don’t like political parties, so why would I want to join the Libertarian Party?

Currently our political system is based on political parties, whether you like it or not. Many Libertarians want to eliminate the party system and have elections opened up and give voters more freedom and more options.

As things stand currently, the best step to work towards meaningful change is to work with the Libertarian Party.

Independents have become America’s largest voting block. When you vote for the older, more established parties, all you do is strengthen the status-quo. You also end up strengthening the political extremes. However, by supporting Libertarians, you help to chip away at our two-party system and contribute to a new system being created, that will provide more options to Americans when they go to the ballot box.

Why can’t I just completely withdraw and not participate in the system at all?

Silence equals consent. When you decide not to vote, by default you support the status quo.

Politicians may not be all that smart, however they do know how to count. They count the number of votes they receive as well as the number of votes their opponents receive. They only way to send a very clear message about your most cherished value – which is freedom – is to vote Libertarian.

If you would like to send the old party politicians a message, and motivate them to advocate for freedom more, then the clearest message that you can possibly send is to vote Libertarian.

I Plan To Vote Libertarian, But Why Would I Want To Become A Dues-Paying Member?

It is very helpful and important to vote. Party infrastructure is needed for recruiting, training and supporting candidates. To do all of this unfortunately a great deal of financial resources. Please consider becoming a dues-paying members and actively support the Libertarian Party.

As a Libertarian Party member you will:

Be supporting the cause directly. The Libertarian Party doesn’t accept government funds or money from special interests; it relies solely on support from people just like you.

You will belong to a political party that at all times fights for your freedom on every issue, and defends the Bill of Rights and Constitution on a consistent basis.

Receive a one-year subscription to the Libertarian Party’s newspaper, the LP News, and our email newsletter.

Have opportunities for meeting other individuals who also love liberty and want a more prosperous, free and better America just like you do.

Receive your custom membership card.

Have a say in what our party does and be eligible to attend our national convention as a delegate.

How Widespread Is The Libertarian Party?

The Libertarian Party is politically active all across the U.S. In every state we have affiliates and in each election cycle we have several candidates on the ballots.

What Types Of Offices Do Libertarians Hold And Run For?

There are numerous Libertarian state representatives, county council members, county executives, city councilors and mayors. Libertarians serve proudly all across the United States.

During major elections, millions of Americans can be expected to vote Libertarian. In particular, 2015 is going to be a very special year, and most certain will have record-breaking numbers. You are invited to become part of the revolution.

What Kinds Of People Become Members Of The Libertarian Party?

People just like you. Individuals who used to be Independents, Democrats and Republicans – and from every walk of life imaginable. The reason why they joined our party is because they realized that the only one that works for their best interests is the Libertarian Party. So no matter what you happen to do for a living, what you enjoy, where you are from, or who you are, there are other Libertarians who are just like you. We are likely America’s most diverse organization. The thing that brings us all together is the common concern we have for freedom and our basic rights.

Those who do join us come to realize that we put their liberties above everything else, unlike America’s two major political parties. While the main purpose of the Democratic and Republican parties is maintaining their own power, the reason why the Libertarian party exists is to defend your liberties and rights and to stand up for the principles we believe in. We won’t back down from bullies, and in terms of your rights, we won’t make any exceptions.

How Do I Join The Libertarian Party?

You may become a Libertarian through affirming that use of force for achieving political goals is something that you oppose.

When you do this, you declare that you don’t thing anybody, including the government, has the right to bully people in order to try to force them to do anything against their will, or to take their lives, their possessions or their money.

When you do that you proclaim that you support liberty for everyone.

If you want to join the Libertarian party as a dues-paying member, we invite you to help us with giving liberty a national voice and help us grow the party.

To join the Libertarian Party as a Basic Member costs just $25 per year.

More importantly, if you become a Libertarian and join our political party, you will be standing with thousands of other American citizens who are committed to bringing our nation true freedom.